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May 29, 2019 | Elevate Blog

How 3D location helps the hospitality industry

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Polaris Wireless has a long history as a leader in providing innovative and highly effective location solutions for the public safety sector. As we continually evolve our capabilities to include location in three dimensions, the number of useful applications grows exponentially. I recently authored an article for Hospitality Technology Magazine about how hotels are utilizing 3D location technology to help keep their employees safe in high-rise hotels. I explain how, as hotel chains begin to analyze  the onsite incidents, they are learning that, in addition to updating policies and procedures, new technology can play a role in helping them reduce or better respond to any onsite incidents. The advancements in location technology, including the ability to identify the floor level location of someone in a high-rise hotel, provides the hospitality industry with the means to locate staff across large properties in real-time, thus helping to ensure their safety.

In addition, personalization is the key to providing the best and most differentiated experience for hotel guests, and the hospitality industry is leveraging various types of new technology to assist them in this endeavor. 3D location technology is the latest – and best – way to provide a truly customized experience. Upon check-in, a guest can opt in by downloading an app to their device which enables them to be located throughout the property, even in high-rise buildings. This enables the hotel to provide a unique guest experience, such as bringing freshly-squeezed juice to a guest in the hotel gym, delivering theater tickets to the guest when he is in a conference room, or even escorting children from the hotel day care to parents in the dining room. For high-end properties with demanding clientele, this becomes a unique point of differentiation in a very competitive industry.

Our team is excited about many other possibilities in the hospitality sector and are working closely with our partners to make these a reality. We will be attending the HITEC Hospitality Conference in Minneapolis from June 17-20 with our partner Orion Labs. We hope to see you there!

Amir Sattar is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Polaris Wireless with over 25 years of combined experience in R&D, Operations and Customer Management in the Wireless industry. Amir has an in-depth understanding of the wireless communications and location technology and is has vast knowledge of Communication and Location Solutions for Public Safety and other industries. Amir is a contributor to industry publications such as Urgent Communications and often participates in location technology and industry events.

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